Artist Statement

Abstract Art.

In my abstract painting, I am interested in exploring the clumsiness and inherent instability of the physical world. I am interested in examining a simultaneous coming to be and dissolving of form. I find that a juxtaposition of these seemingly opposing movements can reveal a deeper underlying structural process capable of pointing to the illusory and transient nature of life.

In my work, I often seek a point of tension between representation and abstraction. During the painting process, I investigate and strip the representation of its “realistic” attributes, and the underlying structural mechanisms begin to reveal themselves. When successful, the tension within the painting creates an inquisitive form of silence. I consider a painting to be finished when it reaches that state.


Google Journeys series explores the fact that in the modern, digital world, the computer is our new window to the world. The images and movies that flow from the screen compete and merge with our first-hand, primary experience. It explores the process of looking at the computer screen.
I take long time exposure photographs of simple, apparently mundane homemade movies found on YouTube and other platforms. I also capture reflections and artifacts on the screen which are a part of the “real” world. The tension and simultaneous visual interaction between the digital projection and physical world – layered in these images, gives a glimpse of nature of looking at digital media.

Other portfolios of photography include personal and commercial work.

In my personal work I search for images that deal with impermanence and insufficiency of perception in general. My casual photography is influenced by every day encounters with objects, people and scenery.

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