Portrait Commissions

Male Portrait (oil on canvas)

Portrait Commissions

Commission a Portrait

Why commission a portrait? The longstanding tradition of painted portraiture is also now widely enjoyed by contemporary collectors and art lovers. Well executed portraits become a part of that heritage and are a timeless heirloom to be enjoyed by family and friends.

Creating a portrait together

Dariusz will work closely with the client and try to come as close as possible to their vision and expectations. Ideally the portrait would be a colaborative process resulting in a photo session, from which then a most suitable image can be chosen. Dariusz has an extensive experience as portrait photographer, assuring that the captured images are visually strong, poses are natural and lighting complements the sitter. Due to recent covid restrictions all safety precautions are taken, but for the time being travel would have to be restricted to Toronto GTA or Southern Ontario area.

Working from images provided by the client.

Dariusz will also consider working from quality files provided by the client. The files should be able to resolve a good quality print, the face should be no smaller than 4.5 inches in hight,- in order to assure best possible likeness. It would be highly advisable not to use photographs where on camera flash was used (straight on), as it always results in inferior final picture and it doesn’t lend itself to painterly images. Dariusz would reserve final determination as to suitability of the image before taking on the commission. Ideally the client would have several digital images from which portrait can be sell.

Base Pricing – simple background.
  • 11x14in $850
  • 20x24in $2400
  • 16x20in $1200
  • 30x40in $4000
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