Portrait Commissions

Uniqueness of Portraiture.

Why consider ordering a portrait?

As an artist, portrait painting has always had a special place in my practice. I spent over a decade working as a portrait photographer, as well as an artist. Portrait photography helped me to master natural posing, expressions, composition and lighting. Besides having full control over painting process, these skills are vital in producing timeless portraits.  
The longstanding tradition of painted portraiture is experiencing its renaissance in recent years, and it is widely sought after by contemporary collectors and art lovers alike. Well designed and executed portraits become a part of that heritage and are a timeless heirloom enjoyed by family, friends, governmental institutions and businesses.

Collaborating on the project

I work in close collaboration with clients in order to best understand their expectations and ideas that they might have regarding their commission. A photo session is setup, from which a best source image can be chosen. This stage can not be overstated as it forms a base for personable, yet visually strong final product.

The Commission Process

Upon approval of the final image, contract form will be signed, along with the deposit payment of 50%. The final balance will be due upon delivery of the portrait by the artist. If the client resides outside of the driving distance, they can choose to cover travel expenses. If the clients choose to have the painting delivered via courier services, they would be responsible for covering the shipping costs, including insurance. Any painting larger than 40 inches at any side can be decided to be shipped in a tube and re stretched by client’s local framing services. Before the shipping, I will send multiple photographs of the portrait for the client’s final approval, the last deposit will be due at that time as well.

Due to recent covid restrictions all safety precautions are taken. For the time being travel is limited to Southern Ontario area.

Working from images provided by the client.

I will also consider working from quality files provided by the client. The files should be able to resolve a good quality print, (the face should be able to print at least 5 inches in hight) in order to assure best possible likeness. It would be highly advisable not to use photographs where on camera flash was used (as main light or fill light), as it always results in inferior final picture that doesn’t lend itself to painterly images. I would like to reserve the final determination as to suitability of the image before taking on the commission. Ideally the client would have several digital images from which the portrait can be selected, or have them taken by a professional photographer with a release of the digital file and rights to use for the portrait painting. These paintings have a note on the back, confirming that the portrait was produced from a source provided by the client.

Portrait Artist Fees

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Payments can be made in cash, PayPal, money order or certified cheque. Applicable taxes are extra. I work on portraits in chronological order, typically paintings 20×24 and smaller take up to a month to complete. Larger paintings can take up to four months. Photoshoot session is $500 plus travel expenses when applicable, it is included with paintings 30×40 inches and larger (except for travel expenses).

Portrait Size in
Number of Subjects

Additional Subjects
or smaller
head only
$2000NAincluded in priceNA
16×20$2300NAincluded in price$200
18×24 or 20×24$2500+ $500included in price$300
24×30$3500+ $800 per personincluded in price$500
30×40$5000+ $1000 per personincluded in price$1000
36×48$6000+ $1500 per personincluded in priceincluded in price
48×60$8000+ $2000 per personincluded in priceincluded in price
larger than 48×60to be
to be discussedto be discussedto be discussed

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